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Whether you're living in Norfolk or Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or Essex, planning a visit, interested in local history, tracking down your family history or love the natural history of East Anglia, we hope we'll have some titles - books and DVDs - to interest you.

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The Baker Brothers: Diaries from the Eastern Front 1914-1919 - Oliver Locker-Lampson and the Cromer Men of the Russian Armoured Car Division

The Baker Brothers: Diaries from the Eastern Front 1914-1919 - Oliver Locker-Lampson and the Cromer Men of the Russian Armoured Car DivisionWith the support of his friend, First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, Oliver Locker-Lampson used his personal funds and his business connections to equip a Squadron of armoured cars. Amongst his recruits were the three Baker brothers from Cromer. Together with friends from the town they found themselves stuck in the frozen north for many months, then transferred to the heat of Turkey, Romania and Galicia. Their respective diaries and letters are woven together to tell a story with little dramatic fighting, and their distance from formal army regulations enabled cameras to be used freely. Both are brought to life in this book.
Book   Brenda Stibbons     ISBN 9781909796436     £14.95     Add this item to your basket

Sedgeford Aerodrome and the aerial conflict over North West Norfolk during the First World War

Sedgeford Aerodrome and the aerial conflict over North West Norfolk during the First World WarA detailed account of this west Norfolk aerodrome, both through archive research and archaeological excavation carried out by the SHARP team. The word Zeppelin struck terror into the heart of much of the population of Britain in 1914. Here the author puts the account of the aerial raids into the context of the subsequent development of air power in the east of England, with a particular focus on Sedgeford.
Book   Gary Rossin     ISBN 9781909796423     £14.95     Add this item to your basket

Lowestoft Fishermen's War: 1914-1918

Lowestoft Fishermen's War: 1914-1918During the First World War Lowestoft fishermen were required to make statements under oath to a Board of Trade official in order to seek compensation for losses. These unpublished statements, which were also used by Naval Intelligence in their vital work to defeat the U-boat menace from Germany, lay unresearched in the National Archives. Not all have survived, but those that have form the main primary resource material for this book.
Book   Alan John Curtis     ISBN 9781909796539     £10.95     Add this item to your basket

Lowestoft: Britain's Most Easterly Town

Lowestoft: Britain's Most Easterly TownSuffolk’s second town has been characterised by its relationship with the sea whether it be through ship-building or the fishing industry. Competition led to tension with Great Yarmouth, but their historical development followed different paths. Lowestoft came into its own through the entrepreneurial zeal of wealthy townspeople in the Middle Ages and of one man, Samuel Morton Peto, in the 19th century.

This short history in our Town and Village series looks at key aspects in the growth of the community, the town’s move to the cliff top in the 14th century, its gains and losses in the 19th and 20th centuries and its re-branding today as the renewable energy capital of the United Kingdom.

Book   Gareth H.H. Davies     ISBN 978-1-909796-51-5     £2.95     Add this item to your basket

Great Yarmouth: A Sand in the Sea

Great Yarmouth: A Sand in the SeaThis short history of the town in our Town and Village series replaces the original 1980 publication long since out of print. It covers important aspects of the town’s history, including its defence over the centuries, civic pride and authority, the rise and decline of both its fishing and holiday industries and its revival in the late 20th and early 21st century, servicing the oil and gas and renewable energy industries.

It is the first of our publications to enable readers to access augmented reality technology through the use of their smart phone or tablet bringing the printed image literally to life on the page.

Book   Gareth H.H. Davies     ISBN 978-1-909796-50-8     £2.95     Add this item to your basket

Forgotten Yarmouth Entertainments

Forgotten Yarmouth Entertainments19th century popular culture is exemplified by this exploration of ten entertainers who came to the seaside town of Great Yarmouth.

Through Charles Marsh, the itinerant beach entertainer, who fell from the Naval Pillar, to John Thurton, the brilliant local ventriloquist and mimic from Woodbridge, the author provides an insight into the changing nature of entertainment as the holiday industry grew. While many represented in this book are now forgotten, some are perhaps more well known, such as Charles S. Stratton (Tom Thumb) and Jem Mace, the first heavyweight champion of the world. All can be found in this fascinating and accessible book.

Book   Gareth H.H. Davies     ISBN 9781546412243     £9.95     Add this item to your basket

The Yarmouth Bodysnatchers

The Yarmouth BodysnatchersCompetition among the London grave-robbing gangs was fierce during the early 19th century. As the demand for bodies increased, so the risks in obtaining them grew. In 1827, they were to be discovered robbing Great Yarmouth’s graveyard. What made it more unacceptable was the involvement of Sir Astley Cooper, the eminent surgeon, who had been brought up at the vicarage in his youth.

The first of our new pamphlet series, looking at individual aspects of East Anglian history, explores this grizzly event in Yarmouth’s past.

Book   Gareth H.H. Davies     ISBN 978-1-909796-52-2     £1.95     Add this item to your basket

A Cromer Miscellany

A Cromer MiscellanyThere are quite a number of books about the north Norfolk town of Cromer. One of the reasons they are so comprehensively illustrated is because of the number of photographers working in the distirct at the beginning of the 20th century.

Not a full time photographer - he had a hotel to run - Philip Vicary kept a record through the century of the district and the changes taking place. In this album his son Adrian adds pictures of his own, to present us with a new selection of Cromer in times past. With both black and white and colour images, we can recall some of the famliar scenes - and some of the less evocative, that have now gone. You'll know some of the pictures but perhpas not the background to their taking which Adrian now provides; other pictures are published for the first time. An essential for the north Norfolk book collector.

Book   Adrian Vicary     ISBN 9781909796386     £10.95     Add this item to your basket

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