Aspect 1: Comparing poem with diary

Honor Elwes kept a diary of the trip around Norfolk in June 1912 and at some time later she decided to use it as inspiration for a poem about the trip. The manuscript suggests that she wanted three bound typed copies. On the frontispiece instructions are given as to how the manuscript should be handled. (This text seems to be in a different hand from Honor's.)

Text written on the frontispiece

She was to become an accomplished writer and may have intended to submit it to a magazine for publication, or, she simply wanted to give Win and Judse a keepsake of the trip retaining one for herself. None of these copies have been found so we will never know.

The poem and diary, together with Honor's photographic album provide the main sources for the book. By comparing the poem with the diary entries, we can gain an insight into her thought processes and social convention of the period.

You can explore the text of these documents here:

Honor Elwes' Poem: The Caravan Trip Round Norfolk

Honor Elwes' Diary Entries June 1912