Castles and Forts of East Anglia

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The map uses a datafile on some of the castles and forts of East Anglia.

By using the buttons at the top right of the map, you can view the locations over a satellite image of East Anglia. Zoom in to see more detailed information. The middle button will enable you to view a combined satellite and map image. Clicking on a marker will provide further information and a picture if available.

Where appropriate links are included to Poppyland Publishing books which have more about the castle or site. Click on the text to go direct to more information and an opportunity to purchase the book.

Sites currently included range from Iron Age forts to Medieval moated manor houses; frequently the site will have been a defensive site over hundreds of years. The next release of the file will provide further classification of the sites. With influences across the region ranging from Roman control through Viking attacks to the Medieval barons building their castles to defy the king, mapping helps the patterns of history to emerge.

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Disclaimer: This data has been compiled for historical use and should not be relied on for current travel arrangements or commercial decisions. Many of these sites are on private land, and are not necessarily acccessible to visit.