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Activity 1: Who were they?

The book Celtic Fire and Roman Rule tells you about East Anglia in the time of the Celts, and when the Roman Empire ruled England.

It is the first time in the history of England and Wales that we can see the names of tribes and the names of people in those tribes.

Here are the names of some people that appear in the book. Find out why they appear. What did they do? Were they Celts or Romans - or did they live in modern times? Which tribe or people did they belong too? Why are they important in understanding life in East Anglia two thousand years ago?

Type your answer directly into this page. When you have finished, click the 'Make Page' button. You can print that page out if you wish to keep a copy of your answers.


[Celtic warrior]

1. A Celtic warrior

[Emperor Claudius]

2. The Emperor Claudius

[3. The Iceni attack Colchester]

3. The Iceni attack Colchester



Donald Atkinson

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  1. A Celtic Warrior

  2. The Emperor Claudius

  3. The Iceni attack Colchester

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