The Magic Lantern - A Victorian Entertainment

Mr Salter, as Secretary of the Band of Hope, produced a catalogue of all the slides that were available for hire. You'll see a few of the slides listed in the catalogue on this site. The Band of Hope hall at Cromer - the Lecture Hall - was built with a special lantern room. Shows would be given in the Lecture Hall, or the lantern and slides could be hired out for use at other venues.

Some of the sets of slides are story sets - shown one by one, with a reading.

[Lantern slide catalogue]

[A triunial lantern]

Others, such as some of those listed on this page of the catalogue, are dissolving slides, designed to be shown on a biunial or triunial lantern. The first slide would be faded out, whilst the second slide would be gradually increased in intensity. If the lantern was set up correctly, then the picture on the screen would be seen to change - perhaps in colour, perhaps in brightness. A favourite effect was to go from a daytime scene to a nighttime scene.

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