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Millgate - Aylsham

Millgate is a book about the history of a district of the town of Aylsham lying down by the river Bure. It brings together research undertaken by a number of members of the Aylsham Local History Society.

The introduction by local history specialist Christopher Barringer tells us that, "Millgate is the road which links the core of Aylsham around the market place with the water mill on the river Bure. The opening of the Bure Navigation in 1779 linked Aylsham by canal and river with Yarmouth and the Broadland river system. The development led to the rapid growth of new occupations such as wherryman and the boat builder, and also increased the outlets for the malting trade in Aylsham. This in turn led to families such as the Spurells and Parmeters becoming important members of the Aylsham community."

The activity sheets are resources to add to the material contained in the book.

Activity 1: Millgate Locations

This page is a map to show this district of Aylsham with a small database of places mentioned in the book Millgate, to indicate their positions as plotted on a map or on a satellite image.

Activity 2: Millgate & Dunkirk Census Data 1861

Activity 2 and Activity 3 are based around the census records for the Millgate and Dunkirk area for 1861. Activity 2 is an introduction to the records used. They are an extract from the full Aylsham set, dealing with the area featured in the Millgate book.

The Activity 2 page gives a background to census records in general and the way we have structured them for this site. It also contains a 'Click Here' instruction to take you through to the full set.

Activity 3: Millgate & Dunkirk Census Analysis

This page uses the same data as is provided in Activity Sheet 2, but with software tools to search, sort and analyse the information. The tools use Java code in your browser; if you are on a school or business network, you may need permission to use it. If you don't have it in your browser, a message will come up to help you load it.

Activity 4: Mills & Pumps

At the core of the Millgate area is Aylsham water mill. Wind and water mills and pumps played a very important part in the development of East Anglia from an agricultural and economic point of view. This page links to our database of wind mills and pumps; it is not a comprehensive listing but features are being added steadily and the page provides further links across the Web about these buildings.

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