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Nelson's last letter to Lady Hamilton

"Victory", October 19, 1805, Noon
Cadiz, E.S.E. 16 Leagues

My dearest beloved Emma, the dear friend of my bosom,
The signal has been made that the enemy's combined fleet are coming out of Port. We have very little wind, so that I have no hopes of seeing them before tomorrow. May the God of Battles crown my endeavours with success; at all events, I will take care that my name shall ever be most dear to you and Horatia, both of whom I love as much as my own life. And as my last writing before the Battle will be to you, so I hope in God that I shall live to finish my letter after the Battle.

May heaven bless you prayers, your

October 20th - In the morning we were close to the mouth of the Straits, but the wind had not come far enough to the westward to allow the Combined Fleets to weather the Shoals off Trafalgar; but they were counted as far as forty Sail of Ships of War, which I suppose to be thirty-four of the Line, and six Frigates. A group of them was seen off the Lighthouse of Cadiz this morning, but it blows so very fresh and thick weather, that I rather believe they will go into the Harbour before night. May God Almighty give us success over these fellows, and enable us to get a Peace ....

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