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Captain Collingwood congratulates Nelson on his part in the Battle of St Vincent

From Captain Collingwood to Nelson

"Excellent," Feb. 15, 1797

My Dear Good Friend,

First let me congratulate you on the success of yesterday, - on the brilliancy it attached to the British Navy, and the humility it must cause to its enemies, - and then let me congratulate my dear commodore on the distinguished part which he ever takes when the honour and interests of his country are at stake. It added very much to the satisfaction which I felt in thumping the Spaniards, that I released you a little. The highest rewards are due to you and Culloden: you formed the plan of attack, - we were only accessories to the Don's ruin; for, had they got on the other tack, they would have been sooner joined, and the business would have been less complete.

We have come off pretty well considering: eleven killed, and fourteen wounded. You say the 4-decker going off this morning to Cadiz, - she should have come to lagos to make the thing better, but we could not brace our yards up to get nearer. O beg my compliments to Captain Martin: I think he was at Jamaica when we were.

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