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From Nelson to his Wife

2nd August, 1796.

Had all my actions, my dearest Fanny, been gazetted, not one fortnight would have passed during the whole war without a letter from me: one day or other I will have a long Gazette to myself; I feel that such an opportunity will be given me. I cannot, if I am in the field for glory, be kept out of sight. Probably my services may be forgotten by the great, by the time I get Home; but my mind will not forget, nor cease to feel, a degree of consolidation and of applause superior to undeserved rewards. Wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps. Credit must be given me in spite to envy.

Even the French respect me: their Minister at Genoa, in answering a Note of mine, when returning some wearing apparel that had been taken, said, "Your Nation, Sir, and mine, are made to show examples of generosity, as well as of valour, to all the people of the earth "... I will also reoate another anecdote, all vanity to myself, but you will partake of it: A person sent me a letter, and directed as follows, "Horatio Nelson, Genoa." On being asked how he could direct in such a manner, his answer, in a large party, was, "Sir, there is but one Horatio Nelson in the world." The letter certainly came immediately .... I am known throughout Italy: not a Kingdom, or State, where my name will be forgotten. This is my Gazette ....

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