Exploring the Norfolk Village

Exploring the Norfolk Village is a book which looks in detail at the history of a number of Norfolk villages. It also illustrates the range of resources which can be used to study any village or town.

Some of the activity sheets linked from this page will be best used for school use, and some for higher level use - we hope you find them of interest.

Aspect 1: The Geographical Regions of Norfolk

This activity will be useful for reinforcing understanding of the regions of the county and to focus on the town or village in which it is being used. It can be used as a printed sheet, or the map can be downloaded for use in a suggested computer based presentation.

Aspect 2: Using Aerial Photography

This sheet has some starter questions on the use of aerial photography, to get the user thinking about identifying features on the photograph and linking them to maps of the same area. It includes access to three aerial photographs of the Terringtons in north-west Norfolk, an area reclaimed over the centuries from the sea.

Activity 3: Working with Layered Maps

GIS, Geographical Information Systems, form the basis of a huge range of systems on which world-wide decisions are made. Once maps were overlaid using sheets of clear acetate; now the computer offers vastly improved facilities for displaying and comparing data. Ths simple sheet is based on a map prepared for Exploring the Norfolk village and shows how a map designed for printing on the page can be offered in a different format - with extensions to its use. Because this page uses javascript code, you should enable the printing of background images on your web browser if you wish to print this activity sheet (On Internet Explorer go to: Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Printing, and tick the 'Print background colours' item). However, some browsers may still not print the page correctly.

Activity 4: Locating the Villages

The villages featured in the book represent different regions of the county. The map on this page enables you to see where the villages are, and acess more detailed local mapping. Again, it uses a GIS system in association with Google Maps to provide the locations.