Aspect 4: Locating the Villages

Click on a marker on the map below for the information to be displayed here.

The map above will help you position the villages mentioned in the book Exploring the Norfolk Village. You can zoom in and out on the map, and use the hand which appears when your pointer is over the map to 'grab' the map and move it around. Click on the dots in the markers if you'd like just a quick comment on the location - and then you can look up more, and larger pictures, in the index of the book.

By using the buttons at the top right of the map, you can view the locations over a satellite image of Norfolk. Zoom in and you will see the mini pictures in their location. The middle button will enable you to view a combined satellite and map image.

The satellite imagery helps with the understanding of Norfolk's geography. The broad marshes of the river valleys can be seen, the wooded areas and the culitvated areas, the different coastal drift between Blakeney and Yarmouth. Compare the satellite image with the map available on page 9 of Exploring the Norfolk Village