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Norwich at War Activity Sheets

The book Norwich at War is the record of the years 1939 to 1945 in Norwich. The activity materials will be of value to students in the city or anyone looking at life on the home front during the Second World War.
Some materials from these units are featured in the BECTA 'Using digital video in the classroom' CD-Rom. To obtain a copy of the CD-ROM please send an email to dvcdrom@becta.org.uk including your name and postal address. You can also discover how they were used in the project from a page on the Apple site.

Activity 1: Pictures and photos from the book A selection of illustrations and photographs from Norwich at War. These pictures are provided in a low resolution format. They are out of copyright and can be used by students in preparing their own educational presentations about the city in the war years.

Activity 2: Your turn to serve It is of course very difficult for us today to understand how it felt to live in a British city in the war years - but this page asks you to use a variety of sources to try and serve with one of the voluntary or service units in the Second World War.

Activity 3: A sense of time This interactive page takes some key events in the war years, some national and some specific to Norwich, and asks you to arrange them in chronological order. This is an interactive exercise which can be undertaken on screen; if the interactivity does not function properly on your school network, ask your ICT technician to change the settings onyour computer so that it will function correctly.

Activity 4: Hear from the Author Joan Banger, author of Norwich at War, tells you a bit about the book and her life in Norwich in the war. The page includes sound files for you to download.

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