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Activity 1: Resources from the Book

If you are researching your own presentation on the story of Norwich during the years of the Second World War you may want to use some of the pictures from the Norwich at War book. To help you, some of the photos from the book can be downloaded from this website. They can be used freely in school and college work.

The photographs are supplied as 72 dpi (dots per inch) JPEG files. This will mean they will load onto your computer reasonably fast, and will print on a classroom, college or home computer printers.

The page numbers referred to are the pages in current edition of the Norwich at War book. Click onto the name of the picture you want to use and it will download to your computer. Then use your computer's own method to copy the picture and paste it into your own work. (You probably need to click the right button of your mouse, use the 'Copy' command, and then use the same button and the 'Paste' command in your own work.

Page 7 Sandbags at City Hall

Page 40 Orford Place
Page 15 King Street sweetshop

Page 44 Looking towards St Stephen's Gates
Page 16 Bull Close

Page 45 Caley's chocolate factory
Page 17 Bus casualty in Raid 3

Page 46 From Orford Place
Page 17 Victoria Terrace

Page 48 Rampant Horse Street
Page 17 Firefighting at St Andrews

Page 50 Hippodrome from City Hall
Page 20 Theatre Street unexploded bomb

Page 51 Clover Leaf Café, Guildhall Hill
Page 21 Good Companions wardens

Page 53 Corner shop, Exeter Street
Page 25 Carrow Hill Raid 12

Page 56 Repairs at Caernarvon Road
Page 28 Tea wagon in Walpole Street

Page 63 Lady firewatchers on shop
Page 30 Norwich Thorpe station

Page 64 ATS leaflet cover
Page 31 Colman's, King Street

Page 68 Damage at Cathedral Close
Page 34 Bomb shrapnel

Page 71 Selling from buses at Bonds
Page 35 Identity Card cover

Page 75 American Military Police
Page 36 Dornier 17 at Eaton Park

Page 79 King visiting Civil Defence personnel
Page 39 Bomber crash in Blenheim Avenue

Page 83 Ration book cover

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