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Activity 4: Hear from the Author

Joan Banger grew up in Norwich in the war years. She wrote Norwich at War about thirty years after the war ended. Here she tells you how she came to write it and what she remembers of growing up in Norwich in the war.

You will find it helpful to have found out about some of the jobs people did in the war, such as ARP Warden. Each clip lasts 1-2 minutes. To hear the clip, click on the button. The clip may take 3-4 minutes to download fully, depending on how you are connected to the Internet.

What made the Author start researching the book?

Joan Banger explains what gave her the idea of writing about Norwich in the war years.

What does author Joan Banger remember about her father as an ARP Warden?

Joan Banger tells us about some of the visits she made with her father and a bit about her adventures during the war years.

Where in Norwich did you live?

Joan Banger tells us where she lived at the beginning of the war, some of the bombing near to her home, and how she moved home several times during the war.

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