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Activity 2 Exploring Further

The Norfolk Long Distance Trail is one of 19 long distance trails in Britain designated by the Countryside Agency.The Countryside Agency is the statutory (or 'official') body which works to look after the English countryside. You can visit the the official Countryside Agency web site for further information. There is a special National Trails web site that you can visit to help with specific details. Use the panel below to describe the National Trails prject.

If you're not in the Norfolk area, is there another of the National Trails near to you? Have you walked part of it? Include your response in the panel.

Peddars Way near Watton

The Northern Windsong Pillar
One of the surprises to be found on the Peddars Way is A Norfolk Songline - see The Peddars Way book, page 20. Research the web at Norfolk Songline to see what you can find out about the project. Who wrote it, who designed and carved it, and why? Write a description of the project in the panel below.

Do you know of a public art project near to your home or school? What do you think of such projects? Put your comment in the panel.

Using the Encyclopaedia of East Anglian Towns on the Poppyland web site, see if you can find a description of Wells, Sheringham or Cromer. Write your own précis or summary about the town you choose in the panel below.

Cromer Pier

Put your name in the box here.

If you need a map of the Peddars Way or the Norfolk Coast Path, you can use Activity Sheet 1.

When you have completed your task, click on the button below for a response page with your answers, which you can print out .

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