The Log of the Carcass

Week Days Month Days Winds Courses Distance Latitude Longitude Made Bearings and Distance at Noon Remarks on board His Majesty's Sloop Carcass 1773
September 1773 Wednesday 1st Calm, SSW, South S71°..45' W 10½' 68½°..42N 10°..5'W Hackluit's headland N14°E dist 682 miles First part calm, middle and latter light breezes and cloudy, at 6pm a southerly breeze spinging up made sail to the westward ½ past 4 am ?? to the eastward, saw a sail to the northward. pm Variation by an azimuth N21°..46'W. Racehorse in company.
Thursday 2nd SSE, SSW, Calm, NE, ENE S9°..30' E 36½' By obsn 68°..6'N 9°..49'W Dº. N13° E dist 719 miles First and middle light airs and cloudy, latter fresh breezes, at 1 a.m. a light breeze from the NE, stood to the SW, at 6am set steering sails, Racehorse in company,
At 6am T.K. 2..39'..1" stones. At noon Alt
Friday 3rd E by S, SE by E South 134' By observn 65°..52'N 9°..49'W Dº. N12° E dist 855 miles Fresh breezes, the first part hazey, middle foggy and cloudy, latter clear, at 4pm in steering sails.
At noon Alt. 0.L.L.31°..19'
½ past 1PM 2.H.39.'.40"
½ past 6AM 2.H.39.'.27"
Saturday 4th SE, SE by S, Calm S 8°..15'W 61' By observn 64°..52'N 10°..10'W Dº. N11°..45' E dist 915 miles Light breezes and fair, latter part calm, Racehorse in company, am variation by an amplitude 20°..36'W, by an azimuth N20°..53W, at noon altde O.S.S. 31°..57'
Sunday 5th Calm, SE, SE by E S 7°..45' W 55' By observn 65°..52'N 10°..27'W Dº. N11°..45' E dist 719 miles First part calm, middle and latter light breezes and fair, at 3pm, the Racehorse sounded and struck ground in about 700 fathoms soft mud, am a great swell from the SSW.
am variation, by an amplitude N20°..53'W, by an azimuth N23°..36'W.
At 7am T.K.H2..37'..54 slow. At noon alt'de O.S.S..32°..29'W.
Monday 6th SE, SSW, East S 4° W 84' By observn 65°..52'N 10°..40'W Dº. N11°..15' E dist 1048 miles First and middle light breezes and hazey, latter fresh gales and cloudy, At 5am saw a sail to the westward, at 6 set steering sails, at 10 am carried away a foretopmast steering sail boom. Racehorse in company. Am variation by an ampde 21°..30'W. At noon alt'de O.S.S. 33°..30'
Tuesday 7th ESE, East, SE S 9°..15' W 144' By observn 65°..52'N 11°..27'W Dº. N11°..15' E dist 1190 miles Fresh gales and cloudy, latter fresh breezes, at 2 pm saw a sail in the NW, at 10 pass'd two sail standing to the SW, ½ past 1 am bore away after the Racehorse to the WSW, at 5am squally, saw four sail to the so'ward, at 8 two sail in sight to the westward, Racehorse in company. At noon alt'de O.S.S. 35°..29'N, at 7am T.K H2..33'..59" ?. By obsn of the Sun and moon dist. 5°..27..15" E from Greenwich.
Wednesday 8th SEbyS, south, Calm, SSW S 52°..45'E 53' By observn 59°..40'N 10°..3'W Hackluit's headland
N9°..15' E dist 1221 miles
Variable weather, ½ past 9 sounded 50 fathoms fine brown sand, ½ past 2 pm same soundings, fine black and white sand, at 4pm wore ship to the SE, the wind coming to the southward with a great swell; four sail in sight. found the ship was to the eastward of her reckoning, as by the longitude made from Hackluit's headland we shou'd have seen Shetland. At 1am fresh breezes with showers of rain, at 5 unbent the maintopsail which gave way in the clew and bent another, in 1? reefs, at 8 fresh gales and squally, at noon fresh breezes and cloudy. Racehorse in company. At noon alt'de O.S.S. 35°..38'N T.K.H2..37'..57" slows. By obsn of sun and moon dist. 4°..20'E from Greenwich.
Thursday 9th SWbyS, SSE, EbyS, SbyW, WSW S39°E 27' By obsn 59°..19'N 9°..29'W Dº. N8°..25' E dist 1240 miles First part fresh breezes and cloudy, middle squally with rain, latter part. fresh gales and squally, at 8pm ?? to the SW, at 2am a heavy swell from the southward, ½ past 7 ?? to the so'ward; Racehorse in company. At noon Altde OS.S. 35°..37'.
Friday 10th SWbyW, SWbyS, WbyS S 41°..15' E 94' 58°..8'N 7°..30'W Dº. N7°..15' E dist 1308 miles First part fresh gales and squally with rain, middle and latter strong gales and squally with a great swell from the westward, at 3am close reeft the topsails and inshore and mizontopsails, at 4 in maintopsail and struck topgallt masts. am secured all the boats, and cleared the decks, throwing overboard all the empty casks and lumber, as the main deck was continually full of water; scuttled the launch on the main deck, and cleared her ready to throw overboard, if the gale increased; a noon the Racehorse 4 or 5 miles to leeward bearing SSE.
Saturday 11th WbyS, WSW, South, SW S 57° W 44' 57°..39'N 8°..40'W Dº. N8°..15' E dist 1338 miles First part strong gales and squally with a heavy sea from the westward, middle fresh gales with showers of rain, latter squally, at 3pm set the main topsail, ½ past 7pm more moderate, set fore and mizzentopsails, and bore down to join the Racehorse, at 5 out reefs, and hoisted the ensign which she answered, ½ past 7pm she bore SEbyS 3 or 4 miles, ½ past 8 saw her light bearing SE, sounded 50 fathoms fine brown sand;- the wind shifting from WSW to south, stood the SW, in order to join her, supposing her to stand that way as we lost sight of her light when the wind shifted; at 10 pm fired a gun which was not answered; at noon close reeft the topsails. Altde O.S.S..36°..31'. ¾ past 7am T.K. H2..53'..24" slow.
Sunday 12th SwbyW, WbyN, NW S10° W 49' By obsn 56°..52'N 8°..57'W Dº. N8°..30' E dist 1395 miles First part fresh gales and squally with showers, middle and latter parts strong gales and squally, at 2pm in fore and mizzentopsails, at 7 set up the lower rigging and wore to the so'ward, at 10 handed the topsails, ½ past 11 very hard squalls, the ship almost water logg'd from the weight of water on her decks, handed the courses, lowered the lower yards, and brought her too under a balanced mizon with her head to the SW; at 10 am something more moderate, reefed the courses and handed them again and swayed up the lower yards, at 11 sounded 35 fathoms, and at noon 32 fathoms fine brown sand, a great swell from the westward.
Monday 13th WbyN, West, SbyE, SSW S48° W 68' 56°..6'N 10°..38'W Dº. N9°..30' E dist 1440 miles First part strong gales and cloudy, middle variable, latter part fresh gales with rain, at 1 pm set the reeft courses, at 2 set maintopsail, at 6 set foretopsail, at 8 out 3rd reef foretopsail, sounded 35 fathoms, fine brown sand, at 10 and 12 the same soundings, at 12 (midnight) wore to the westward, at 11am fired a gun to speak with a Dutch ship to the westward.
Tuesday 14th SSW, WNW, NW, NNW S41° W 77' By obsn 55°..7'N 11°..56'W Dº. N11°E dist 1505 miles Light breezes and cloudy, middle fresh breezes, latter fresh gales and squally, at 1pm spoke to a Dutch ship from Archangel bound to Amsterdam; sounded 35 fathoms fine brown sand, ½ past 3 sent a boat on board a Prussian dogger from Embden, ½ past 4 made sail, and at 5 ?? to the SW, at 5am in foretopsail, at 8 close reefs the maintopsail, severa vessels in sight standing to the so'ward and westward, sounded 21 fathoms, at 11 and at noon sounded 19 and 18 fathoms finds by the soundings we were on the Dogger bank. At noon Altde O.S,S. 37'..54'.
Wednesday 15th NWbyW, West, SWbyW, SW S47° W 40' By obsn 54°..41'N 12°..46'W Dº. N10°..40' E dist 1542 miles First part fresh breezes and cloudy, middle fresh gales, latter strong gales with some rain, at 3pm out reefs of the courses and topsails, and up top gall.(?) masts, at 3am ?? to the W, at 7 in 1(?) reefs, at 9 close reeft the topsails, at 10 in topsails, at 11 set the main topsail, all these 24 hours upon the Dogger bank, and sounding every hour.
Thursday 16th SWbyW, WNW, West, WbyN S11° W 70' By obsn 53°..34'N 13°..8'W Hackluit's headland N11°..30' E dist 1578 miles First part fresh gales and squally, middle fresh breezes with rain, latter fresh breezes and cloudy, at 2pm wore to the SW, set foretopsail and out 3 reefs, at 5 moderate, out reefs, at 7 in 1st and 2nd reefs, at 8 am several fishing vessels in sight, at 9 got a pilot from one of them, and wore to the no'ward, at 10 ?? to the SW, sounded every hour.
Friday 17th West, Sw, WNW S23° W 22' 53°..14'N 12°..54''W Cromer lighthouse SWbyW 4 or 5 leagues First part fresh gales and cloudy, middle strong gales, latter moderate and cloudy, at 4pm ?? to the NW, at 7 in 3rd reef, at 8 in fore and mizontopsls, at 10 in maintopsail, ½ past 11 wore to the so'ward, sounding 5 fathoms, at 4am wore to the no'ward, carried away several lanyards of the lower rigging, at 6 set topsails, and out 3rd reefs, at 8 up topgallt yards and out 2nd reefs, at 10 made the land from SWby W to WbyS, find the ship above two degrees to the eastward of the reckoning.
Saturday 18th NWbyW, SW, WSW

Anchored in Yarmouth Roads. Yarmouth church N15°W. gullstone church WSW about 2 miles. Fresh breezes and clear, at 10pm anchored with the best bower in 12 fathoms, Winterton Ness lights SbyW about 4 miles, ½ past 4am weighed and come to sail, and at 9am anchored in Yarmouth Roads in 7 fathoms, at noon sent away an express to the Admiralty with a journal of the proceedings of the voyage.
Sunday 19th WSW, SW, West

Do. First part Do. weather, latter light breezes and fair, pm set up the standing rigging fore and aft, veered to ½ a cable, am aired the spare sails.
Monday 20th SW, SSW, SWbyS, SWbyW

Moored in Yarmouth Roads. Yarmouth church NNW. Gulstone steeple WSW First part light breezes, latter fresh gales and clear, at 5pm moored a cable each way SSW and NbyE.
Tuesday 21st SSW, SbyW, SSW

Fresh gales and cloudy, middle squally, at 4pm struck topgallt masts, and got them down, am cleared hawse, send the longboat for water.
Wednesday 22nd SbyW, SSW, SW

For the most part strong gales and squally, sometimes rain, pm the longboat returns with water, at 10 struck yards and topmasts.
Thursday 23rd SW, West, WNW, WbyN, NWbyW

Sole church WNW Fresh gales and cloudy, at 6p, got up topmasts and yards, and set up the topmasts rigging, at 7am got up topgallt masts, unmoored, a 9 weighed, working along the coast of England to the SW; at 10 got up topgallt yards.
Friday 24th WSW, do, SSW

Alborough church SWbyW abt/ 6 miles First and latter fresh breezes and cloudy, middle fresh gales and squally, a great sea from the southward, pm working over the Stamford, at 3 came too off Dunwich with the best bower in 10 fathoms and veered two thirds of a cable, Dunwich church NNW, and Alborough church SWbyW, at 6 got down topgallt yards and struck the topgallt masts, at 12 saw Orfordness lights bearing SWbyW, at 10 am hove short, at noon weighed.
Saturday 25th SWbyS, SW, WSW, SWbyW

Orfordness great lighthouse WSW 3 or 4 miles First part fresh breezes and cloudy, latter moderate and clear, pm working up towards Orfordness, at 5 came too off Alborough in 11 fathoms, and veered two thirds of a cable, Orfordness great lighthouse was abt 4 miles, Alborough church NbyW 4 or 5 miles, at 10 aam swayed up topgallt masts, ½ past 11 weighed, turning to windward.
Sunday 26th SWbyW, WSW, WbyS, SWbyW, SW

At single anchor Languard Fort NNW Harwich Church NW. Buoy of the gunfleet WSW Light breezes and fair, at 1 pm got up topgallt yards, at 4 saw the Racehorse to windward, hoisted the ensign which she answered, at 6 came too with the best bower in 7 fathoms.Balsey church NW, and Orfordness lighthouse ENE; at 2am hove short, ½ past weighed turning to windward, at 3 Harwich lights NWbyW, ½W, at ½ past 5 saw the Racehorse at anchor, at 6 spoke to her and came too with the best bower in 7 fathoms; am employed clearing the decks and stowing the hold.
Monday 27th SSW, do, WSW

At single anchor. Whitaker beacon NNE 1 mile. The buoy of the middle ? 1½ mile. Fresh breezes and cloudy, at 2pm weighed, working to windward in company with the Racehorse, at 5 got up between the middle hook and the buoy of the Gunfleet, ½ past 7 came too in the Swin in 10 fathoms and veer'd two thirds of a cable, got down topgallt yards, ½ past 5amn weighed, working up Swin, ½ past 9 came too again.
Tuesday 28th WSW, WbyS, WbyN, SW

At single anchor at the Nore. Nore light S½W abt 1 mile. Sheerness Garrison SWbyW. First part do. weather, latter light breezes and fair, ½ past 3 pm weighed, ½ past 6 anchored near the Shoe beacon, veered ½ a cable, at 10 veered two thirds of a cable, at 5am hove short, ½ past weighed, turning to windward, at 9 got up topgallt yards, at 11 reced orders by the Triumph's boat to proceed to Deptford, at noon anchored at the Nore in 7 fathoms.
Wednesday 29th Sw

Anchored at Galleons. Woolwich church SW. Barking church SbyE½E Light breezes and clear, at 3pm fired a gun as a signal for the boat, ½ past 5 weighed, working up to Galleons, at 8 got abreast of Leigh roads, at 11 past Gravesend, came on board 5 Custom and Excise Officers, at 1am anchored in Longreach, Purfleet NbyW about 2 miles, at 7am weighed, ½ past 10 anchored at Galleons in 3 fathoms, at Noon came alongside a hoy for the gunners stores.
Thursday 30th SW, WSW

Do. weather, pm got out the guns and gunner's stores, at 9 weighed and came to sail, at 10 got foul of a large transport and carried away the larboard mizon shrouds, and part of the channel; at 10 am anchored at Deptford, and warp'd alongside the sheer hulk, at 6 unbent the sails and began unrig, at noon stripp'd the topmasts and got them down.
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