Celtic Fire and Roman Rule Activity Sheets

Celtic Fire and Roman Rule is a book which tells the story of Norfolk from the Iron Age through to the Romans leaving the county. Whether or not you're resident in the county, it is a vauable resource on life in Britain in those times of great technological advance and momentous events.
Activity 1: Who were they? The time of the Celts and Romans in Norfolk is the first period when personalities can be identified. By researching the names in the book, you can write your own paragraphs on the personalities and create your own web page and print it out.
Activity 2: Boudica The revolt by the Iceni tribe led by Boudica is one of the most famous events of Roman times in Britain. This unit helps you concentrate on some particular reasons for the revolt and events during the revolt.
Again, you can enter responses directly onto the page and click the button to create you own web page of responses - and print it out if you wish.
Activity 3: The Roman Soldier The Roman Empire stretched across much of what we call the Middle East and Europe. What made the Roman Empire so powerful that it could conquer so many people. This page helps you understand the key to the Roman army - the individual soldier.
The picture is an interactive picture; if when you run the pointer over the picture with your mouse no words show up, ask your ICT technician to change your computer settings so that it works.
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