From Nelson to Sir John Jervis

"Theseus", July 27th, 1797
My Dear Sir,
I am become a burden to my friends, and useless to my Country; but by my letter wrote the 24th, you will perceive my anxiety for the promotion of my son-in-law, Josiah Nisbet. When I leave your command, I become dead to the world; I go hence, and am no more seen. If from poor Bowen's loss, you think it proper to oblige me, I rest confident you will do it; the Boy is under obligations to me, but he repaid me by bringing me from the Mole of Santa Cruz.
I hope you will be able to give me a frigate, to convey the remains of my carcass to England. God bless you, my dear Sir, and believe me, your most obliged and faithful,
You will excuse my scrawl, considering it is my first attempt.

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