From Nelson to his Wife (after the loss of his arm)

"Theseus", at sea, August 3rd, 1797.
My Dearest Fanny,
I am so confident of your affection, that I feel the pleasure you will receive will be equal, whether my letter is wrote by my right hand or left. It was the chance of war, and I have great reason to be thankful; and I know that it will add much to your pleasure in finding that Josiah, under God's Providence, was principally instrumental in saving my life. As to my health, it never was better; and now I hope soon to return to you; and my Country, I trust, will not allow me any longer to linger in want of that pecuniary assistance which I have been fighting the whole war to preserve to her. But I shall not be surprised to be neglected and forgot, as probably I shall no longer be considered as useful. However, I shall feel rich if I continue to enjoy your affection. The cottage is now more necessary than ever. You will see by the papers Lieutenant Weatherhead is gone. Poor fellow! he lived four days after he was shot .... I am fortunate in having a good surgeon on board; in short I am much more recovered than I could have expected. I beg neither you or my father will think much of this mishap: my mind has long been made up to such an event. God bless you, and believe me.
Your most affectionate husband,

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