From Captain Collingwood to Nelson

"Excellent," off Cadiz, September 27th, 1798
I cannot, my dear friend, express how great my joy is for the complete and glorious Victory you have obtained over the French, - the most decisive, and in its consequences perhaps the most important to Europe that was ever won; and my hear overflows with thankfulness to the Divine Providence for his protection of you through the great dangers which are ever attendant on services of such eminence. So total an overflow of their Fleet, and the consequent deplorable situation of the Army they have in Africa, will, I hope, teach those tyrants in the Directory a lesson of humility, and dispose them to peace and justice, that they may restore to them to peace and justice, that they may restore to those States which they have ruined, all that can now be saved from the wreck of a subverted Government and plundered people. I lament most sincerely the death of Captain Westcott; he was a good officer and a worthy man; but if it were a part of our condition to choose a day on which to die, where could we have found one so memorable, so eminently distinguished among great days? I have been here miserable enough all the summer; but I hope to go to England very soon. The Barfleur, Northumberland, and some other ships are expected to relieve the old ones .... Say to Lady Nelson, when you write to her, how much I congratulate her on the safety, honours, and services of her husband. Good God! What must be her feelings! How great her gratitude to Heaven for such mercies! Pray give my hearty congratulations to all my friends in your Fleet. I am glad to understand that my worthy Ball and Daarby are recovering. May success ever attend you, my dear friend, is ever the prayer of, my dear Sir, your faithful and affectionate,

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