Map Work with the Castles of Suffolk

Activity 1: Map Work with the Castles

In the book 'The Castles of Suffolk' there is a map in the frontispiece, on page 2. This is a 'stylised' or picture map to show the distribution of castles across the county. It is not a map designed to help you find the exact location of a particular castle.

What can you say about the distribution of castles across the county? What other information might you need about the castles shown to comment on the distribution of the castles?

If you wanted to visit one of the castles, or a site which might have once been a castle, you would need better directions. The map on screen below is interactive, to help you with information.

This map gives you information which you can use with Ordnance Survey maps. It gives an Ordnance Survey grid reference. Run your computer mouse across the map. Stop with the pointer over a castle you think might be in your area. Make a note of the number which you can see near the name of the castle. Do you know how to use this number to look up the site of the castle on an Ordnance Survey map?

If you know how to use Ordnance Survey grid references, choose six castles on the map, make a note of their name and their grid reference, and look them up on an Ordnance Survey map of Suffolk. Your school library should have your local Ordnance Survey map, so it might be best to choose castles which look as if they are in your area.

If you were planning a visit to these castle or sites, how far would the journey be? Are the castles or sites open to the public? The book 'The Castles of Suffolk' has information on whether a site is private or public, and details of what you can expect to see there. Write a report on the information you have found, so that a journey organiser would have all the information they need to plan a trip.

If you're not sure about how to use Ordnance Survey grid references, go to these Ordnance Survey pages about the National Grid and read through to see how the system works. There are some useful pages to print out here as well. Then practice by doing the exercise in the paragraph above.
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