Wingfield: Suffolk's Forgotten Castle (EABA 2022 category winner)
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The Castles of Suffolk

The Castles of Suffolk

The Castles of Suffolk takes us back to medieval times when the county had wealth, good employment prospects, high quality agricultural land, a sizeable population - and in he mind of the ruling class a need to control any trouble! It had been subject to invasion from Vikings and even the Norman rulers fell out amongst themselves, so defence and of course status were much on the minds of the ruling Barons.

Author Peter Tryon has delved deep into historic records, reviewed many existing published works and visited all the sites in the county reputed to be castles. From the glories of Framlingham and Orford through to the mysteries of the lost castle sites at Ipswich and Southwold, he has pulled together all the evidence in a book which will satisfy both readers at home and the explorers who want to visit the sites themselves.

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