The Diary of a poor Suffolk woodman
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Boudica - Her Life, Times and Legacy

Boudica - Her Life, Times and Legacy

The most readable and up to date story of what we really know of Celtic heroine Boudica. After the death of her husband Prasutagus she would lead a revolt against the invaders that shook the Roman Empire to its core. Colchester, London and St Albans all fell to the Icenian warriors before a final confrontation in the English Midlands restored Roman power.

Myth, invention and mystery surround her life. This fully illustrated book concentrates on just what we do know about the time in which she lived - and how modern archaeology is enabling us to take a considered view of the facts and strip away a little of the fiction that has grown over the years. It will stand as a popular introduction to a lady of great power and influence, much of it beyond her own time, and it looks with enthusiasm towards what archaeology might hope to discover in the future. Hear John Davies and Bruce Robinson, the authors, discuss the book:

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