Women in the Archaeology & History of West Norfolk
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Digging Sedgeford - A People's Archaeology

Digging Sedgeford - A People's Archaeology

The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project undertook its first dig in the Norfolk village in 1996. Every year since a team of volunteer archaeologists has camped in a field to continue exploring 5,000 years of history from the Stone Age to the First World War. Experts and amateurs work side by side to learn how our ancestors lived, work and died in a very ordinary piece of English countryside. This is the book of the story so far.

Pulled together by an editorial team but using contributions from the many hundred of archaeologists - amateur and professional - who have worked on the site, it provides a fascinating insight into one East Anglian settlement and tells a story which was probably repeated in other settlements across the region. To hear something more of the book and the project:

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