Dear Hal, Yours Pud Aspects

The aspects in this section take maps that were drawn as part of the war diary that each battalion had to keep during the conflict. The diary would give a summary of events, lists of casualties, record orders and provide reports.

Today the war diaries are kept in the National Archives in London. They have been scanned in sections and are available on the World Wide Web. The sections can be purchased and downloaded for individual reference. They allow us to find details of specific events, understand local strategy and identify where events happened.

To assist with understanding the maps and with visiting the sites today, some of the maps have been georegistered and you can view them on top of modern maps or satellite imagery in these activity sheets. A useful way to view is to have the transparent map image turned on, over the satellite image.

Aspect 1: Fricourt and Carnoy
The map overlay enables you to see the position of two major British fortifications, Wellington Redoubt and The Citadel. Open fields are all that remain today.

Aspect 2: Sector E2
This map of Sector 2 has La Boisselle at the top and shows the complexity of the trenches behind the British lines.

Aspect 3: Sector E3
This sector E3 map is centred on the village of La Boisselle.

Activity 4: La Boisselle
A further map of the La Boisselle area, in 1916.

Aspect 5: Maricourt
The defences around Maricourt as they were in the summer of 1915.

Aspect 6: Authuille
A map showing the trench layout near Authuille and Longueval. Longueval is the village close to Delville Wood.

Aspect 7: Delville Wood
A map showing the ground which the 10th Essex were holding on 18th-19th July 1916.