Aspect 3: Sector E3, La Boisselle

This page shows the trench map from the 10th Essex Regiment War Diary. It has been adjusted ('georegistered') to match the modern map.

The map shows sector E3, manned by Ray and his comrades in the 10th Essex Regiment for various periods in the autumn of 1915. Pages 31-34 of the book have his letters from La Boisselle and extracts from the regimental history.

This map has been a little difficult to georegister, because as a map drawn in the trenches, generally from aerial observation, it does not have a large number of points which can be matched to definite features on today's satellite imagery. However, it is quite close to the original. Trench lines can still be seen, 90 years later, in the soil and these can be seen aligned or close to the trenches marked on the map.

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Clicking on a marker will give you further information and a picture of the place as it is today.

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The trench map shows Sector E3 and the book recounts Ray's time there, holding the line in late 1915.

On 1st July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, the Tyneside Irish and the Tyneside Scottish, both of the 34th division, made the attack - but the village was not taken. It would be four days before the attackers occupied the whole of La Boisselle village. Casualty figures in this sector were some of the worst in the whole of the attack on 1st July 1916.

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