Aspect 6: Authuille Map

This page shows the trench map from the 10th Essex Regiment War Diary. It has been adjusted ('georegistered') to match the modern map.

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Default photo

Clicking on a marker will give you further information and a picture of the place as it is today.

Many of the places are close together, and you may find it helpful to use the zoom tool to move in closer.

It shows the area near the village of Authuille in late June/July 1916, in the first phase of the Battle of the Somme.

The map is Appendix 2 to a casualty report and a 'friendly fire' incident; its particular purpose is to show the 'forming up' trenches or 'assembly' trenches - see the top right of the map; the positions for Companies (Coys) A, B, C and D are marked.

Reproduction rights for the trench map are licensed from The National Archives in the United Kingdom; under the terms of the licence the map may not be downloaded from this site.