Poppyland Publishing's Support and Resources pages

Welcome to Poppyland Publishing's Support and Resource pages. Poppyland Publishing is a specialist local history publisher for East Anglia.

The resources are generally intended to support students of all ages who are using the book in an educational context but offer other materials and links when appropriate.

If you have information, suggested web links, photographs or any other materials you think could be added to these pages, we'd be pleased to hear from you. Perhaps you are in one of the photographs? Can you send an audio clip? Perhaps you have an extra memory to add, or are involved in some research which can add to the story? Let us know if you can contribute by sending an email.

The materials generally assume you already have a copy of the book. If you need to see the full Poppyland Publishing range of East Anglian titles, click to go to www.poppyland.co.uk.

Some of these pages provide activity sheets for printing in a standardised format. To see these on screen and to print them you may require a PDF reader. If you don't have this very useful tool on your computer then here are two of the most commonly used:

Support is currently available for the following titles: click on the links to access the support pages.

RESOURCEBOX(Maritime Suffolk,marsuffolkact,suf_mar_cov_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Pablo Fanque and the Victorian Circus,pabloact,pablo_cover_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Doin Different: New Ballads from the East of England,doindiffact,doin_diff_cov100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Fall of the Yarmouth Suspension Bridge,suspenact,suspen_cov_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Wells next the Sea,wellsact,wells_cover_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Digging Sedgeford,sedgeact,digging_sedgeford_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Fishing Talk,fishtalkACT,fishing_talk_cov100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Maritime Norfolk Part Two,marnorACT,maritimepart2_front100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Storm Warriors of the Suffolk Coast,stormwarACT,storm_warriors_cov100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Nine Norfolk Women,norwomenACT,norwomen100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Maritime Norfolk,marnorACT,maritime_norfolk_front_cover100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Beneath the Clouds,beneathACT,beneathclouds100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Exploring the Norfolk Market Town,nortownsACT,ntowns_w100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(A Dictionary of Cromer & Overstrand History,cromdictACT,cromdict_cov100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Boudica - Her Life, Times and Legacy`boudicaACT`boudicacover100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Exploring Paston Country,pastonACT,pastoncover100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Mr Marten's Travels in East Anglia,MARTENACT,martencov_100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Norfolk Maritime Heroes and Legends,NORMARIACT,maricover100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Dear Hal, Yours Pud`pudloACT`pudlocovh100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Roads and Tracks,roadstracksACT,roadstrackscover70.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Grandad's War - The First World War Diary of Horace Reginald Stanley,gdadACT,gdadswar100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(The Commercial Life of a Suffolk Town,framACT,comlife100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(I Read it in the Local Rag,LOCALRAGACT,localrag_cover100.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(East & West Runton,RUNTONACT,eawrcovsm.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(The Peddars Way,PEDCOASTACT,peddarscovxsm.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(The Coast Path,PEDCOASTACT,coastcovxsm.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse,GRESACT,grescovexsm.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Nelson - I am myself a Norfolk man,NELACT,nelcovsm.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Norfolk Origins 8: Exploring the Norfolk Village,NORVILACT,norvillmin.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(The Castles of Suffolk,SUFCASACT,sufcastcov.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Norfolk Origins 7: The Norfolk Dialect,NORDIAL,dialcov.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Celtic Fire & Roman Rule,CELACT,celticcov.jpg)
RESOURCEBOX(Norwich at War,NORWAR,norwarcov.jpg)