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Activity 4: Locating the Pictures

Click on a marker on the map below for the information to be displayed here.

The map uses a database of the pictures you will find in the book East and West Runton - Two Villages, One Parish. You can click to see small versions of the pictures in the book..

By using the buttons at the top right of the map, you can view the locations over a map or a satellite image. The middle button will enable you to view a combined satellite and map image.

The activity sheet is intended to support understanding of the layout of the village, and illustrate the use of GIS (Geographical Information System) in a database.

Each picture has a latitude and longitude associated with it. The Google map system used here links with any latitude and longitude worldwide; a number of interfaces are available to provide the links.

Historically locations have been given in degrees (up to 90), minutes (60 to a degree) and seconds (60 to a second) e.g. 5230'30". At sea, a location is now generally given in degrees and minutes, and then decimals of a minute, e.g.5230.5. The computer requires them to be converted to decimals of a degree, e.g. 52.5 - but this is often done behind the scenes.

The most common form of giving a reference on a map of the United Kingdom is to give an Ordnance Survey grid reference. The UK system applies only to the United Kingdom; other countries have their own systems. A formula is available to allow conversion from an Ordnance Survey grid reference to latitude and longitude; again computer will often do this behind the scenes.

The post code system used in the United Kingdom is another reference system in common use. It is not an absolute system releated to the earth's shape - but a computer can use a 'look-up' table to link a post code to a grid reference or a latitude and longitude.

To explore other databases plotting data to location, click on the 'Support and Resouces' button on the left, and then chooose the 'East Anglian Databases' button.

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