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East Anglia

On this page you'll find titles that cross the border between the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk in various ways - perhaps through landscape, perhaps through case studies.

Religious Dissent in East Anglia III

The book contains nine essays, deriving from papers read at a Symposium on the History of Religious Dissent in East Anglian. The papers address issues of Religious Dissent in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk from the late fourteenth century to the late eighteenth. Written by leading experts in the field, they once again demonstrate the richness of the East anglian region for the study of non-conformity. The volume contains the first modern edition of the 1797 Census of Papists in the Diocese of Norwich.
Book   David Chadd     ISBN 0 906219 42 6     £10.00     Add this item to your basket

The Ocean's Gift: Fishing in Lowestoft 1550 - 1750

Fishing has, for centuries, been of major importance in English coastal communities, both as a source of employment and generator of wealth. Yet comparatively little historical research has been devoted to its operation during the pre-industrial era.

This book is a study of the rise of the industry in Lowestoft, one of the country's leading fishing ports, during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Among the features considered are catching and curing techniques, vessel design and function and the overall financial regime. Thoroughly based upon archival sources, this book looks not only at the organisation of fishing but also traces the emergence of a maritime community.

Book   David Butcher     ISBN 0 906219 40 X     £6.50     Add this item to your basket

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Religious Dissent in East Anglia III
The Ocean's Gift: Fishing in Lowestoft 1550 - 1750
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