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Lifeboat Histories

All around the coast of the British Isles are the lifeboat stations of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The long coastline of East Anglia has many such stations, and their stories are told in this series.

The series also covers the events at lifeboat stations which were - and sometimes still are - provided from local enterprise, without the assistance of the RNLI.

Henry Blogg of Cromer - The Greatest of the Lifeboatmen

'One of the bravest men who lived' is how Henry Blogg, coxswain of the Cromer lifeboat for 38 years, was described by Viscount Templewood, President of the Cromer branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Henry Blogg joined the Cromer lifeboat in 1894 at the age of 18. At 26 he was second cox and at 33 became cox. He retired in 1947, at the age of 71. During his 53 years' service the Cromer boats were out 387 times and saved 873 lives. No other lifeboatman has ever won as many medals as Henry Blogg.

Author Cyril Jolly, 1910-1994, gives an impressive portrait of Blogg and his deeds in this title, first published in 1958. The first edition was reprinted three times; this new edition includes extra photographs, some in colour, to further illustrate this epic story of rescue at sea.

Book   Cyril Jolly     ISBN 0946148597     £11.95     Add this item to your basket

Caister - Beach Boats and Beachmen

The village of Caister is renowned for its private lifeboat, the Bernard Matthews. The work of the company which maintains today's boat comes directly from the beach companies of the 19th century, and Caister remains the sole community maintaining a practical example of a once common way of life.
Book   Colin Tooke     ISBN 0946148198     £1.65     Add this item to your basket

The Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat Elizabeth Simpson

Today Gorleston is the home of two RNLI lifeboats, but in the early years of the 20th century a private lifeboat company also operated there. This booklet tells the story of its lifeboat, the Elizabeth Simpson.
Book   Stephen Daniel     ISBN 0946148082     £2.45     Add this item to your basket

The Hunstanton Lifeboats

Covering the years from 1824 to the re-establishment of the modern station in 1984, this booklet recounts the stories of many rescues and other adventures - such as the trials of the first tractor-launched lifeboat.
Book   Theo Stibbons     ISBN 0946148082     £1.65     Add this item to your basket

Storm Warriors of the Suffolk Coast

Storm Warriors of the Suffolk Coast is a tale of lifeboat service on the Suffolk coast and is one of those occasions when words and pictures come together in a magical way to recall times gone by. The text was first written by Ernest Read Cooper and published in 1937; this new edition is revised and updated by maritime historian Robert Malster.

When originally published, no illustrations were included - though Cooper, as station Honorary Secretary at Southwold, had often gone to sea with the lifeboat - and he'd often taken his Kodak box camera with him. Today's lifeboats all carry cameras to help with publicity for the RNLI; then is was a rarity. To have a picture from 1905 of the crew of the Joseph and Yvonne clinging to the mast of their sunken vessel as the lifeboat moved in to save them, is unique. To hear from the editor call in at Southwold Lifeboat Museum by clicking Robert Malster.

Book   Ernest Read Cooper and Robert Malster     ISBN 9780946148981     £9.95     Add this item to your basket

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Henry Blogg of Cromer - The Greatest of the Lifeboatmen
Caister - Beach Boats and Beachmen
The Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat <i>Elizabeth Simpson</i>
The Hunstanton Lifeboats
Storm Warriors of the Suffolk Coast
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