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Miscellaneous Titles

A selection of general titles from the CEAS publications.

Identities: Nations, Provinces & Regions 1550-1900

This dual language (English and Spanish) publication is the proceedings of the third Anglo-Spanish Historical Studies Seminar held at the University of East Anglia. It uses examples from Spain and Britain to look at important changes taking place in our political cultures and the interface between those cultures and the writing of history.

Contributors to the book represent a number of universities in Britain and Spain, with Isable Burdiel and James Casey acting as editors.

Book   Isabel Burdiel & James Casey     ISBN 0906219175     £7.50     Add this item to your basket

Land of the Iceni: The Iron Age in Northern East Anglia

Iron Age studies have traditionally focused on Wessex, with its imposing hill forts, or on the Hertfordshire/Essex area, with its late Iron Age oppida and wealthy burials. In contrast, the 'land of the Iceni' - Norfolk, the northern part of Suffolk, and north-eastern Cambridgeshire - has, until recently, languished in obscurity. But excavation, fieldwork and the analysis of artefacts are now casting new light on the later prehistory of the neglected region.

Much of the research is presented here for the first time. Coinage, the landscape, the character of settlement and the agrarian economy are among the many subjects discussed by a distinguished collection of archaeologists and edited by John Davies and Tom Williamson. Together these essays provide the basis for a thoroughgoing re-evaluation of the Iceni and their territory.

Book   John Davies & Tom Williamson     ISBN 0906219477     £9.95     Add this item to your basket

Suffolk Enterprise

The book is subtitled 'A Guide to the County's Companies and their Historical Records'. For those interested in researching the history of a company, in industrial archaeology, textile design and fashion, changing technology, or simply finding out about the working life of a family member, these records offer a mine of information.

Business records are among the most under-utilised of archives, yet they represent some of the richest sources available to historians. The records of Suffolk companies, those deposited in the county's three record office, in archives elsewhere, or held privately, are no exception. The book does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list, but it does represent a wide set of sources available from the manufacturing industries.

Book   Christine Clark & Roger Munting     ISBN 0906219175     £4.40     Add this item to your basket

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Identities: Nations, Provinces & Regions 1550-1900
Land of the Iceni: The Iron Age in Northern East Anglia
Suffolk Enterprise
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