Digging Sedgeford Activity Pages

Digging Sedgeford - A people's archaeology is the book which reports on the excavation of the last 19 years at the north-west Norfolk village of Sedgeford and draws conclusions and question based on the first dozen years of work there. SHARP - the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Reserch Project - is the team that undertakes the work.The excavation uses many different archaeological techniques, both traditional and modern; we are intending to develop these pages to present some of the computer-based information that add to what is presented in print.

Aspect 1: SHARP links & video modules. This page provides a link to the SHARP web site and to a range of short video sequences made on site in recent years.

Aspect 2: Map Overlays. This page will gradual add overlay maps onto Google Map and Google Satellite imagery to allow further interpretation of the maps provided in the book. This process is relatively experimental and will be adjusted as we endeavour to provide the data in the most helpful format.