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How Do We Know About Castles?

There are several ways we know about castles. You can probably suggest some of them. One way is from documents. Here is a document about a castle from a time when it was strengthened. A man wishes to turn his houses into castles, and he must have permission from the King before he can do this. Because the document is written in medieval French, we have translated it into modern English for you. Run your mouse over the document, and see if you can answer the questions below.

  1. Where in Suffolk is the manor house that is to be strengthened to be a castle?
  2. Who is the owner of that manor house at the time the document is written?
  3. Over what territories does the King claim to reign at this time?
  4. The document uses the method of dating used by all royal documents. Check the dates the King reigned, and work out the year in which the document was written in our normal dating system.
  5. Write an explanation for the following words:
    a. us and our heirs
    b. special grace
    c. embattle
    d. in perpetuity
    e. molestation
    f. witness
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