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Research Aspect 1: The Victims

It is inevitable that many will find research into the victims of the disaster of great interest. Ancestors of the seventy eight that died still live in the town or its environs, while others are scattered around the world.

Of the seventy eight victims, not all have their deaths recorded as 'by the fall of the suspension bridge'. There are seven or eight where the verdict of the coroner's jury was simply 'drowned'. This was because no witness came forward to confirm they had been seen on the bridge, although their bodies were recovered at the same time as others.

The following chart lists the victims and gives additional information taken from the 1841 census (place of abode, occupation of either the victim or head of the household where not shown), Bishop's transcripts of burials in St. Nicholas Minster (burial date - note those not buried in St. Nicholas churchyard are blank eg. dissenters buried in the dissenter graveyard, or those buried elsewhere) and newspaper accounts (who identified the body and their relationship to the deceased).
Surname Forename Lived sex Victim's ages Buried on 1841 enumeration district Identified by relationship Occupation
Adams Robert Rainbow Corner M 7 08 May Nth 15 Robert Adams Father Fisherman
Auger Caroline Garden Row (Row 25) F 10 09 May Nth 14 Saul Auger Father Carpenter
Balls Reeder Thurston Bath Place M 16 Sth 01 Mary Manning Lodging
House Keeper
Barber Christopher Pudding Gates M 11 11 May Nth 02 Zechariah Porter; James Barber Taylor
Beckett Ann Priory F 8 08 May Nth 02 George Beckett Father Shoemaker
Beloe George Henry John Fuller's Hill M 9 11 May Nth 14 Margaret Beloe Grandmother Independent
Borking Emily Hansworth George Street F 5 08 May Nth 09 James Borking Father Dyer
Bradberry Isaac King Street. Norwich M 20 journeyman
Buck James Seaman Row 17 M 4 09 May Nth 12 Shoemaker
Burton Benjamin Patterson Row 54 M 7 09 May Nth 07 Mary Ann Burton Mother Charwoman
Bussey Harriott Ferry Boat Row (Row 8) F 26 Nth 14 George Bussey; Mary Ann Arnold Husband; Friend Shoemaker
Buttifant Sarah Ann Row 2 F 18 06 May Nth 16 Hannah Buttifant Mother Labourer
Church Caroline Horn Row (Row 10) F 16 09 May Nth 14 William Church Father Bricklayer
Church James Rainbow Corner M 7 08 May Nth 15 Samuel Church Father Bricklayer
Cole Jane Row 65 F 16 Elizabeth Dingaderry Niece
Conyers Elizabeth Row 13 F 13 07 May Nth 14 Benjamin Conyers Father Shoemaker
Crowe Eliza Row 6 F 14 08 May Nth 15 Sarah Crowe Hair dresser
Ditcham Mary Ann Row 18 F 64 08 May Nth 13 Eleanor Ditcham Daughter Shoemaker
Duffield Eliza Rainbow Corner F 10 08 May Nth 15 Grace Duffell Mother Shoemaker
Durrant William Row 24 M 12 07 May Nth 12 Mary Durrant Mother Needle Woman
Dye Benjamin Rainbow Corner M 9 08 May Nth 15 Mary Dye Mother Ships Caulker
Dye Charles Moat M 2 11 May Mrs Dye Mother Labourer?
Ebbage David Row 17 M 9 06 May Nth 12 Labourer
Edwards Maria Garden Row M 12 09 May Nth 14
Field Hannah Row 14 F 12 09 May Nth 14 Elizabeth Seaman Aunt Silk Mill Worker
Field Susannah Say's Corner Row (Row 17) F 13 08 May Nth 12 Independent
Fox John Horace Butcher's Row M 19 07 May George Fox Father
Fulcher Elizabeth St John's Head Row F 16 07 May Nth 11 Waterman
Fulcher James Row 34 M 14 07 May Nth 10 Labourer
Gilbert Sarah Row 14 F 12 09 May Nth 14 Bricklayer
Gotts Alice Conge F 52 Nth 12 Martha Gotts Daughter Exciseman
Gotts Alice Conge F 9 Nth 12 Martha Gotts Sister Exciseman
Grimmer William Moat M 8 09 May Jane Grimmer Mother
Hatch Elizabeth East Hill F 11 08 May Nth 05 Sarah Hatch
Hendle William Ferry Boat Row (Row 8) M 10 08 May Nth 14
Hunn Sarah Row 13 F 13 07 May Nth 14 Edwin Hunn Father
Hunnibal Elizabeth Jane Row 110 F 12 08 May Sth 12 Sarah Hunnibal Labourer
Jenkerson Mary Ann Row 1 F 10 07 May Nth 16 Elizabeth Savory Grandmother
Johnson Elizabeth Row 23 F 8 08 May Nth 12 Mary Fisher Mother
Johnson Sarah Ann Row 23 F 16 08 May Nth 12 Mary Fisher Mother
Johnson Thomas (or Robert) Row 1 M 8 08 May Nth 16 Mary Ann Johnson Mother Mariner
Juniper Maud at Workhouse F 9 08 May Nth 17 Mother
King Mary Ann Apollo Walk F 11 09 May Nth 16 Susanna King Mother Coal Heaver
Lake Mary Ann George and Dragon Row (Row 12) F 2 07 May Nth 14 Hannah Blake; Sarah Church Friend; Mother
Little Harriet Mary Market F 13 Nth 03 Edward Forster Tea Dealer
Livingstone Joseph King Street M 6 Nth 06 William Livingstone Father Draper
Livingstone Matilda King Street F 7 Nth 06 William Livingstone Father Draper
Lucas Frederick Row 21 M 62 07 May Nth 12 William Lucas Son
Lyons William Row 1 M 6 11 May Nth 16 Maria Smith
Manship Elizabeth Rainbow Corner F 28 Nth 15 Grace Duffell Publican
May Clara Row 6 F 20 07 May Nth 15 Betsy Wright
Morse Robert Charlotte Street M 26 07 May Nth 09
Mears Susan Ferry Boat Row (Row 8) F 8 08 May Nth 14
Morgan Elizabeth Row 1 F 62 11 May Nth 16 Robert Mills Charwoman
Parker Charlotte Row 13 F 8 07 May Nth 14 Benjamin Conyers
Powley Amelia White Lion Opening F 10 11 May Baker
Powley Elizabeth Row 2 F 21 07 May Nth 16 Daniel Powley Husband Baker
Powley Richard Row 3 M 4 07 May Nth 16 Daniel Powley Father Baker
Read Elizabeth Rainbow Corner F 5 07 May Nth 15 Elizabeth Hannah Read Mother Mason
Richardson Phoebe Row 99 F 17 06 May Nth 13 Mary Ann Keeler; Henry Hall
Roberts Lydia Pudding Gates F 12 08 May Nth 02 Suzannah Roberts Sister
Roberts Mary Ann Pudding Gates F 19 08 May Nth 02 Suzannah Roberts Sister
Scotten Ann Maria Row 3 F 20 08 May Nth 16 Sarah Scotten Mother-in-law Coach Painter
Stolworthy Maria Kings Arms Yard F 14 09 May Edmund Stolworthy
Tann Harriett George and Dragon Row (Row 12) F 15 08 May Nth 14 Sarah Church
Tennant John Railway Walk M 11 08 May John Tennant Father
Tennant William Railway Walk M 10 08 May John Tennant Father
Thompson Mary Ann British Lion Alley F 15 07 May James Thompson Grandfather
Thorpe Heppy Row 2 F 12 09 May Nth 16 Charles Thorpe Father
Trory William Townshend George Street M 12 11 May Nth 09 William Trory Father Shoemaker
Utting Caroline Row 33 F 9 09 May Nth 10 Mary Utting Mother Victualler
Utting Louisa Row 33 F 7 18 May Nth 10 Mary Utting Mother Victualler
Utting Sarah Gaol Paved Row (Row 108) F 18 09 May Sth 13 Robert Utting; James Barnes Thorndyke Father; Friend Upholster
Vincent Maria Apollo Walk F 19 08 May Nth 16 Daniel Cooper Silk Throwser
Vincent Richard Apollo Walk M Nth 16
Watts William Walter Coble's Buildings, Pudding Lane M 09 May Nth 02 Harriett Watts
Yallop Martha George Street F 20 07 May Nth 09 Maty Elizabeth Yallop
Young Emily Fuller's Hill F 6 Nth 14 William Youngs Father

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