Aspect 2: The Cause of the Collapse

James WalkerIn chapter three of the book, the cause of the collapse is explored. If James Walker, the engineer appointed by Home Secretary, apportions blame to anyone, it is to Mr. Green the surveyor and Clerk of Works responsible for ensuring the quality of the iron used and the workmanship involved.

These three links provide his evidence and some of documents he drew on for his conclusions.

James Walker's evidence to the Coroner's Jury
An account of the evidence given by James Walker on 23 May to the inquest as reported by the Suffolk Chronicle.

Specification to Artificers
The 'Specification to artificers' was given to Mr. Goddard, the builder, by Mr. Green which provided detailed instructions on how the bridge was to be built. This was to feature heavily in Mr. Walker's conclusions.

Institute of Civil Engineers Minutes of proceedings Vol 4 1845 p293-302
The minutes of proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1845, in which James Walker's report to the Home Secretary is reproduced, and indicates the views of others members of Institute of the efficacy of suspension bridges in general.